About Me

My name is, as you know from the blog, Erik Ammon.  I am a self-published writer, working towards breaking into the world of traditional publishing.  I have two self-published urban fantasy novellas, The Incidental Hero, and Why He Runs From The Basement (The Demon Hunter Series).  I have also written a children's early reader titled The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly (The Adventures of Kona and Friends).  The second book in that series, The Lost Squirrel, will be out this winter!

I currently have three picture book manuscripts I am shopping around to agents looking for representation.  I have many others that are in the early-to late editing/revising efforts.  I also belong to a children's book critique group, and run a second critique group.

I am working on the second book of the Demon Hunter series (I'm at about 75% complete) and also on an epic fantasy novella.  I'm hoping that epic fantasy ends up with about 150-200k words.  I have about 10k now, so I have a loooong way to go!

Personally?  I am married to the fabulous photographer/ creative maven, Jane Ammon.  Check out her work and, if you are a creative or desire to be one, check out her classes as well on her blog!  We have two amazing children and a crazy cat named Kona.  Yes, the rabbit in my self-published kid's book is named after our cat...as is the cat/panther in the Demon Hunter series.  Great combo :)


  1. Hi Erik! I just read your First Friday post on The Giraffe With No Neck. What a cute concept for a kid's book! I am an elementary librarian and self-published children's author too, and I know an attentive story for kids when I read one. I can picture your first page (or two, or three) holding my K-2nd grade students' attention because of the silliness of a giraffe without a neck. I liked how you gently added some vocabulary and explained what "vertabert" were. You should also explain "predator" in the next sentence perhaps by saying, "You mean something might hunt me because I don't have a neck?" It's important for kids to use context clues during their reading to make sense of an unknown word and simply saying "not safe" might not be enough. I am also trying to think of a way that you can explain "chiropractor", but I am stuck at the moment :) Will you let the blog know when this book will be available? I would like to share it with my classes. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for the positive comments Nadine! I do have a couple things to tweak and I'll see how it looks (err, sounds), with some context clues added in :) I'll definitely be shouting it out here when it gets picked up! I've only been writing for children for less than a year and I'm still working on getting an agent. I've seen a lot of improvement in my writing the past few months, too :)